Next Ignite Tucson, August 1st 2011

Fifteen armchair visionaries will be chosen to give five-minute, 20-image presentations about creative ways Tucson can thrive for the next century and beyond. The emphasis is more on creativity than practicality! The presentation will follow a potluck supper, to which guests are encouraged to bring dishes made from family heirloom recipes or food representing a culture in their heritage. Beer and wine will be available by donation. Ignite the Birthday by taking the past into the future!

To submit an idea for a presentation–a creative approach to Tucson’s future problems or opportunities, either cultural or technological– go here » 

Ignite Tucson, June 3rd at Dinnerware!

5 Minute Presentation – Call for Submissions

What is Ignite Tucson?
Ignite Tucson is an evening of 15 presenters, each doing a 5 minute presentation on an innovative topic. Topics are wide ranging. Audiences that attend Ignite Tucson events have curiosity about the world around them, with a soul for exploring. The audience deeply appreciates presenters willing to get on a stage to squeeze an interesting topic into a 5 minute capsule. Beer, wine, and popcorn are also a big part of the 2 hour evening.

Deadline for presentations to be turned in:
Wednesday June 1st. But sooner means you’re more likely to get a slot.

Why Ignite Tucson?
Because Tucson abounds with creative people!
Many of us are involved in creative projects. Some are personal endeavors. Others are community endeavors, travel, opinion, poets, performers, but not so many people know about those creative, innovative, projects.

For instance there’s a guy in South Tucson going around making community gardens. Or a web designer obsessed with researching 17th century robots. Or someone who’s very existence is built upon the notion of the production of plastic food. There are amazing people here in Tucson and in Baja Arizona. Many of them think they aren’t doing anything particularly creative. But I disagree. That’s why I’ve created Ignite Tucson.

I like things simple, and if you’ve ever been to a conference, you know that presentations can drag on forever. Ignite Tucson says, “get to the point” and be quick about it, too, and the audience will be with you. The audience will get it, and appreciate that someone is willing to get on a stage, (on the audience’s behalf!), and spill the beans on stimulating innovation.

Chances are, whatever has been getting your attention, and your time lately has a creative, innovative aspect to it. It could be about insects, mining, weather changes, infrared photography, hair styling, or Pee Wee Herman, crop circles, bigfoot, architecture, inspired fashion design, food preparation, the politics of wearing neckties, storytelling. You get the picture. Wide open. If you want to brainstorm about it email me at and we’ll chat.

The Mechanics
You get 5 minutes in front of an audience to make your presentation. Email me if you want to talk about it.

Gather 20 images that will sequentially tell your story. Maximize imagery. Minimize text. You’re there to verbally give information. The images give emotional impact that backs up your presentation. Each image is on the screen for 15 seconds. You don’t control it. We do. So, once it gets going, everyone knows that the clock is ticking. We put you on a stage. Audience in front of you. Microphone in hand. Screen behind you. There is no other audio option other than your handheld microphone. Sometimes I bend the rules, but rarely. We use Powerpoint or Keynote software for all presentations. You can construct your own presentation if you know how, or we can do it here. You have to sequence the images, though.

You turn in your CD, drop by with a jump drive, or send it via . I do what I call ‘a light jurying’ of all material I receive to be sure it’s in the spirit of Ignite Tucson. Any questions, just email me. I’ll sequence the presentations

Call for Presenters
For many presenters, it starts with “Do I have something to present?”. You probably do. Think about it. Where has your attention been going lately? Where have you been fascinated with something? Tucson people are curious about the world and are mostly exploring something in their lives. What is it? Now, how to tell your story? How did the topic first get your attention? What did you do about it? How did you resist it? What surprised you about it? How does it expand your world? Why was it not what you expected? What does the idea say about who you are or thought you were? These are some of the questions that sometimes come up. If you want to talk about it, email me: or post your idea here »

$10 sliding scale donation that helps keep Dinnerware doing its creative thing. This applies to everyone, including presenters. Although presenters deserve an extra beer.

– David Aguirre